Alex Musicci is an American pop/world recording artist with unique sound giving you a mixture of modern pop fused with EDM/dance hall. An aborigin of South-West Africa, Alex Musicci is one of the artists to watch in the pop music world. He is a singer/song-writer, fashion designer, and brilliant photographer.
As a little boy, he has always participated in singing and dancing in the church choir. His adventure to pop music started after graduating college and working for Hewlett Packard as a Programmer in Texas from 2005-2009. Late hours at work will stir him up to play the piano and write songs at home…..he saw that as the only way to relax the brain and body after a long day.

Upon relocating to New York City in 2009 to finally pursue his dreams in Photography and Menswear Design, he created his first clothing line called MUSICCI in October 2016. At that same time, he started collaborating with Producers and other songwriters to work on his freshman album (Make Love and Dance) – MLD which is set to be released this Summer of 2017.
Alex (the last kid in the family) has two sisters and one brother who currently reside in West Africa. His Afro-french Mom and African Dad spends Summer with him in New York City every year for vacation.
He is a man driven by excellence and work hard to be the best. This young man is amazing in all his adventures…from being the high school Valedictorian, to working as a Computer programmer and now a Pop star……. the future looks bright for this multi-talented artist currently living in Brooklyn, New York.



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MIAMI Stage Performance
MAY 27th, 2017

Date will be announced

As a Designer, Alex Musicci has created this world of fantasy where he designs every item he wears on a daily basis.

Some of the looks in his Music videos are story boarded, cut/sewn out of his sewing lab in Brooklyn, NY.

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Having lived in several cities around the world, Alex Musicci draws inspiration from people and life experiences. His songs are catchy, direct and leaves you feeling connected.